What Sports Massage Has in Store for the Athlete

massage of the lower back

If you are an athlete, then you should be thinking about getting regular sports massage from a clinic like sports massage north London. This is truly beneficial to you as an athlete. But why should you do that? It’s only natural that you’d ask, after all, it will be an investment of time and money for you. What can you get in return for expending those two things from your person?

Here are some of the benefits that one can enjoy from including regular sports massage into their training regimen.

Improved Flexibility
First off, sports massages target specific muscles in the body. These are the muscles that you exercise regularly. Regularly targeting these muscles after a hard week of training will ultimately stretch them and make them more flexible in the long run. In other words, you become more flexible when you regularly subject your exercising muscle groups with a relaxing and soothing massage at least once every week or once every three weeks.

Lesser Chance of Injuries
This is connected with the improved flexibility that is discussed above. When one is flexible, their reflexes are also improved along the way. Improved reflexes and more flexible muscles will help one to avoid situations that can lead to injuries. In addition, the massage also relaxes the body and improves one’s endurance to fatigue. You know the drill – the longer it takes to tire you out, the safer you are from fatigue-induced accidents and injuries.

Faster Recovery Time
Finally, muscles require a certain period to recover. When you start feeling like your muscles are becoming sore or are painful to the touch, it is a sign that the muscles are starting to recover and growing. Now, the amount of time that your body requires to fully recover from the previous exercises varies considerably. The only thing that you can do to influence that recovery time is to consume foods rich in protein so that the body has enough protein to repair the muscles in an accelerated manner. The body needs protein to build muscles.

Another method with which you can shorten recovery rate is to stretch the muscles. When they are stretched, it takes away some knots that are also causing problems in movement and flexibility. Unknotted muscles also recover much faster than those that have become knotted from rigorous exercise, and targeting these muscles through sports massage at physiotherapist north London is one way to take care of knotted muscles.

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5 Reasons That Will Encourage You to Try Acupuncture


Have you ever heard of or were interested in acupuncture? It is a natural medication that is used by Chinese people years ago, and until now, many people have practiced this so called acupuncture because of the healing results it provides. This might be the information that you need about acupuncture.

Here are the 5 reasons that will surely get you encouraged to experience acupuncture, the medication of traditional Chinese.

  1. No worries because it is purely safe – many people want to try it, but they are usually afraid of the needle that will be inserted in their skin. In reality there is nothing to worry about because this treatment, called acupuncture, is purely safe and effective. Yes, you will not feel any pain in your body at all because the needles are so thin that you wouldn’t even know that it is inserted. The acupuncturist is an expert in acupuncture points, and you can rest your head because they will never be licensed without training and knowledge. They also use needles that are sterilized and new; they will never provide used needles to any patients.
  2. You will not experience side effects – there is no need for you to think twice, because when you try acupuncture, you will never experience any bad or negative side effects in your body. Yes, that is right. All the good benefits from mind, body and emotional status is what you will get from acupuncture. The best thing is, it helps you release stress, negative energy and improve the status of your health, which makes it loved by those who are suffering from health problems.
  3. Deep healing – you will be saved from your health problems because it penetrates deep in the root or the beginning of the problem. The acupuncturist will find the deepest roots of why you experience the certain health problem, insert needles in acupuncture points and let your body release all of it. This will help you slowly get a healthy body that treats almost all of health problems.
  4. Used years ago up to the present and it works – since then, it was used by Chinese, and it is their traditional way of helping people to get healed. Until now, you will still see and hear about this natural treatment because of the effectiveness it provides and positive results that come from those who experienced it.
  5. Natural treatment – this kind of treatment is natural, which means you don’t have to take any medicine, or do any procedures because the acupuncturist will do the work for you. They are knowledgeable in this area, and they will get your health problems and stress away with just inserting needles in acupuncture points.

Many people are curious of how it works, but they don’t have to feel afraid in trying this natural medication because this has so much to offer. The following will change your mind about acupuncture and help you get the better understanding about it.

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