Difference Between A Dentist And An Orthodontist

Dentistry is a branch of medical science that deals with oral health. Dentistry and orthodontist are similar in such a way that both deals with oral health. Dentists need additional studies to become an orthodontist.

Dentists are the ones responsible for teaching people with how to take care of their teeth and generally their mouth. They are the ones who individual comes to consult if there are teeth that need to be extracted or where root canal is needed. Root canal is a treatment for a tooth that had decayed badly but still can be saved. The procedure takes time because the nerves on the tooth needs to be killed so that the fa├žade of the tooth is still there but would not have further damage because it is practically dead. Dentist can also be consulted if there is who needs dentures or fixed bridges.

Dentures are false teeth that can be easily removed after the day. Fixed bridges or crowns are false teeth that are made usually with porcelain and are fixed on the tooth that is left on the gums. It can also be used as fillers for lost teeth. It cannot be removed easily like the false teeth. But the most common reason why people come to dentists is because they need fillings for their decayed teeth. Dentist can also be consulted if there are gum disease like gingivitis, they can diagnose and prescribe medicines as needed. Teeth whitening are also a procedure that a dentist can supervise. They can also recommend an individual to go to an orthodontist if they think a patient needs it.

Orthodontists on the other hand are the ones responsible for the correction of bites. The correctness of bite is important because it affects the speech and the chewing of a person. An overbite is when the upper teeth are pushed far away from the lower teeth. An under bite is when the lower teeth are pushed further out from the upper teeth. This is when orthodontist needs to put some correcting device like braces to move the teeth to the right place. Basically, an orthodontist can do what a dentist can because before becoming an orthodontist one needs to finish the university course of medical dentistry.

A person would need to know what the problem is to decide if they need a dentist or an orthodontist. If the problem is a simple tooth decay or gum problem, one can look for dentist Twickenham on their search engines to find a dentist. But if the problem is crooked teeth or problems with bites one can use the keywords orthodontist Twickenham to find one in the area. It is always important to know what the problem is because this will help the patient decide who they need to see.

Experts say that if one is concern with how they look, it is a good choice to find an orthodontist because they can help more than a dentist and always remember that an orthodontist is always a dentist but a dentist is not always an orthodontist.

Author: Kimberly Dinkins

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